(Photo Source: info@imaxtree.com)

Faux crocodile leather is trending this fall

Luckily for any fashionista on even a little bit of a budget, synthetic is in! From faux furs to vegan leathers (the fancy way of saying fake leather) luxe fashion has taken on a “fake it ‘til you make it” mindset and we couldn’t be happier.

Finances aside, the move towards less cruelty in the fashion world is also a celebration for activists, environmentalists, and anyone who can’t bear the thought of hurting a little bunny. The latest faux trend to take over street style is the look of ultra-high-end crocodile leather.

This leather elevates any look with its embossed texture. Adding an element of texture to outfits is key in letting the canvas move and prevent everything from falling flat. 

Mock croc’s given host is and always will be shoes—over the knee boots, pumps, sneakers, mules and loafers, and ankle booties are the perfect backsplash for some brown and hunter green croc. Dare to stand out by rocking a mock croc leather skirt or accessorize with a belt bag or headband detailed with the classic leather.

Even better yet, go digging through Grandma’s closet. She’s bound to have something of this classic piece lying around.