Singer-song writer and now 2-time Grammy winner Lorde will be on the cover of this month’s Teen Vogue issue. Every year, Teen Vogue dedicates its May cover to music and the New Zealand native dishes about topics like kicking-off her North American tour in Austin, Texas, winning at the Grammy’s, and her perception of modern day beauty ideals.

Although Lorde is only 17 years old, many of us are used to seeing her in shows, magazines, and interviews targeted towards adults so she tells Teen Vogue “I like being on a magazine for my peers because I do a lot more adult publications”.

Teen Vogue worked closely with her stylist and went with the theme of weird girls in music. Lorde describes herself as a “weirdo” and tries to transfer that onto her personal style as well. She’s heavily influenced by the “vampy” look as well as Japanese fashion and can be seen throughout the whole spread.

Ella is known for not conforming to the stereotypical standard of what beauty is and doesn’t hesitate to make it known. She’s even gone as far as to not smiling in photographs, i.e. the Grammy’s, because she admires powerful that weren’t necessarily always happy.

She goes on to say “I think in this day in age the prescribed kind of ideals of what ‘this is what a young girl should be’ are over. Hopefully girls look at what I’m doing and are inspired of the realness of it”.

To see the full interview and behind the scenes photo-shoot, check out the videos.


(Cover image courtesy of Teen Vogue)