Having your skin look flawless when wearing foundation is every girl’s (and guys!) goal regardless of how much makeup you wear on an everyday basis. There’s also a common goal when it comes to the finish: to make it look like your own skin. Unfortunately that’s not always the easiest task as sometimes foundations and even bb and cc creams can get a little cakey, especially if you set the with a powder.

arganSo the trick to getting that liquid foundation to look super natural and skin-like? Mix in a little bit of face oil. When you add a drop or two (depending on how dry your skin is), the oil thins out the foundation slightly and helps it melt into your skin. The finish gives your skin that dewy, post facial glow and makes the dense foundation hard to detect.
This trick also works great if you’ve run out of blush and just have lipstick: dab some red, pink, or coral lipstick on the top of your hand and add a drop of your face oil. Mix it well with your finger and apply it as you would a cream blusher. It looks incredibly natural and makes your cheeks look youthful due to the glow from the oil. You can dab a bit on your lips as well for healthy lips with a pop of color.
Oils like argan, jojoba, rose hip, and sweet almond all work just as great but if your skin agrees with coconut oil, it’s a great option as well. Be sure to have it on hand next time you apply your foundation to have the perfect flawless finish.