(Photo Credit: Vincent Tullo)

Gender Fluid Project Is A Collection Made For All

In New York City, there is a store that doesn’t care about your gender, race, or your age. You’re probably thinking, what’s so special about it? The answer is New York City’s first gender-free clothing store.

In the heart of New York City, there is a store that caters to literally everyone. There are no gender signs and there is no decision to be made about what section of the store you need to shop in. Everything in the entire store can be worn by everyone. “The Phluid Project” is truly a store for anyone.

Gender-free doesn’t mean style free or blase, unisex clothing either. The Phluid Project is home to the latest in fashion trends with style to boot. Rob Smith, the owner of The Phluid Project store, comes from a long background in the fashion industry with the likes of Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret.

The idea behind his new store is providing high quality and fashionable clothes without the label and stigma of gender identities. With the rise of identities in non-traditional gender roles, gender-free fashion can be seen hitting the mainstream in a big way.

From fashion magazines to runway models, gender-free clothing is quickly becoming the next big thing. What makes Phluid Project so unique, is that the company addresses intrinsic values of society today which extends way beyond simple clothing and binary decisions.