Would you buy headphones that cost almost $1000?

This is the question posted on various social media sites after Louis Vuitton announced one of its latest products. These pair of earbuds are marketed specifically for fashion-conscious music lovers who want to listen to their music in style.

The biggest attraction? The noticeable LV monogram.

The biggest drawback? The sub-$1000 price tag.

Unfortunately for Louis Vuitton, many people have noted that the ‘new’ earbuds are just a rebranded regular Master & Dynamic MW07 wireless earbuds that cost around $300. Still not cheap by any means, but at this price range, the music quality is already impressive.

Like the Louis Vuitton earbuds, the Master & Dynamic earbuds makes use of custom 10 mm high-performance Beryllium drivers and offer a pretty average 3.5 hours of continuous playback.

Which means to say that interested buyers of the ‘new’ Louis Vuitton headphones will be simply buying a regular–albeit impressive–pair of wireless earbuds, except theirs will have a brand logo slapped onto it.