A 3D fashion collection from Danit Peleg, a young Israeli designer, is making waves. The 27-year-old says she has spent over 2,000 hours simply printing the pieces at home.

Danit’s overall goal is to create pieces that are easily made and ready to wear at home. How cool would it be when you are getting ready to head out on the town and when you realize you have nothing to wear or everyone is now wearing dresses but you don’t have one to match you could just head over to your 3D printer and print one out.


It’s the new idea that is taking over and gaining the attention of thousands of people. Her fashion line was first shown in Israel back in July where observers were stunned by her line and little did she know the trend would rapidly catch on.


Danit tried to explain to media that right now the process is a bit lengthy but as technology develops and materials develop the outfits will become more advanced and whole garments would be created instead of just clothing that just seems pieced togeather.

It is a huge improvement in technology and her designs are defiantly worth seeing because the way it’s going so far, Danit’s designs could be the next big thing. She even hopes for them to one day be in everyone’s homes!