Springtime is graduation time, which means a new crop of degree-wielding job seekers will be going to interviews trying to make a great first impression. Many of these young men and women might be sporting their first real suit, so what better time to learn how to snag the perfect suit than right now! Consider what type of suit you will need to buy, as well as what your budget will be. Tailor Cooperative’s George Spencer has some tips on what to look for in the three main suit-purchasing categories. Buying a suit is an item you shouldn’t skimp on.

Your first option is to buy a suit off the rack. These suits usually start at about $400. Be sure that the suit has canvass construction, not glue. The button holes should have a little bit of natural fiber poking through the stitches and the collar should roll, not be a flat crease. The next style of suit is made to measure, which will set you back at least $700. The manufacturer constructs a suit from a bank of patterns using your unique measurements. It is recommended that you get measured by a professional tailor, rather than doing it yourself. Your final choice of suits is bespoke, which is one that is made just for you. While the price tag of at least $5,000 per suit is certainly daunting, these suits can last you decades because they are so well made.