Foot wears are essential to humans and besides serving the purpose of protecting the feet, it is every bit stylish and fashionable. It complements our looks and today, there are thousands of beautiful shoes to match different occasions and seasons. Switching from T-shirts to Topcoats, a jacket is one of the transitional effects of the fall season.

The tradition that most men follow during fall is putting aside their sandals and canvas shoes and rather go for boots for the season. You would agree with me that boots are like a necessary commodity in a man’s wardrobe, mostly when it is fall or winter.

Boots are really stylish and durable. Don’t you just love how they fit too? As the rainy days are here, we should wear shoes that would enable us to keep on wearing our stylish and fashionable clothes. If you have been thinking about the men’s shoes that will best fit you during this wet season, then we have some suggestions for you.



  • Rain boots: The classic men’s shoe for fall – definitely boots because we always consider the rainy days. A pair of rain boots in your wardrobe is needed to keep your feet warm and dry. They now come in different styles and colors to match your jeans. Finding a color that fits would style up the season for you.

  • The Classic Sneaker (Converse): This is very comfortable under your feet and there is no way you won’t want a kickback shoe to back you up as you go out with friends for casual or simple activities.

  • The Chelsea Boots: The Chelsea boots are now a friendly resident in most men’s shoe wardrobe. For some couple of years, the shoe has gained popularity and has become a favorite to own. It has different shades of colors, and guess what? The sand-colored suede is awesome and won’t clash with your fall outfits.

  • The foul-weather Boot: The fall might come all wet, but this commando boot keeps you well prepared and stylish. It can be worn with leather jackets and the black color is amazingly stylish when worn.

  • The Desert Boot: The leather shoes are very durable and really functional during the fall. It can be worn with a suit as a to-go outfit to wear to the office, as well as in the woods during the weekends.

The Cap-Toe Oxford: Don’t get too worried because of the wetness. The polished leather oxford boots are the best for fall parties and black-tie events. You will look absolutely awesome wearing this boot, and those co-operate suits.

Brogues: They represent cool, aesthetic and style. As a classic man, you should save up for this, especially if you need to attend events.


In conclusion, our best top picks for men’s shoe for fall 2018 are not arranged in any particular order. However, with fall already here, you should now have a good grasp of how to wear shoes stylishly.