Miley Cyrus is definitely known for her unique looks. Whether it’s on stage or on the red carpet, Miley is always turning heads. Though sometimes her looks are a little ‘out there,’ she owns it and we love her for that. At the Grammys Sunday night, Cyrus stole the red carpet show with her all black jumpsuit. She looked sleek, mature and stunning of course, as she twirled for the cameras with a white rose in her hand.

The white rose definitely added to her elegant look, and her perfectly wavy hair will be the cause of many “how to get Miley’s wave” tutorials in the near future. But, Miley did an outfit change before her big performance with Sir Elton John. That is where she really shined. The maroon ball gown she chose was even more beautiful than her black jumpsuit. With sheer off the shoulder sleeves that went down to her forearms and the same classic waves in her hair, Miley was everything singing “Tiny Dancer.”

Her performance with Elton was the talk of the Grammys leading up to the big night, and it did not disappoint. Her raspy, soulful voice captivated the audience. We just could not get enough of Miley at the Grammys this year!