We all know that a graphic tee is a must in every girl’s wardrobe. The graphic tee can be styled in almost any way possible and adds instant cool points to any look. It can also act at the focal point of your look if you want to make a statement with either the print or text of the tee so having a few of these can really make for an amazing outfit.

graphicBut a graphic tee isn’t just about wearing it and being done; there’s a proper way to tuck it in your bottoms to look extra cool. Follow this quick style tutorial to wear your graphic tee like a cool girl.
Step 1: Put on your tee! We know, you already did this but it’s still worth mentioning.
Step 2: Start by tucking in your shirt side to side. This will ensure that any graphic print is visible and the shirt isn’t overlapping onto itself. Also, don’t tuck the shirt in completely as it can look a bit nerdy. Pull a little bit of out so that it looks effortlessly tucked.
Step 3. For the back, you can either leave it out (we love the way it looks) or you can also tuck it in but still leaving a bit of an overhang. It’s completely up to you.
So now go on and style your favorite graphic tee with whatever bottoms you like but be sure to style it like a cool girl. If you’re still not sure how to do this, just check out the video for a quick step-by-step tutorial.
(Cover image: whowhatwear.com)