(Photo Source: Taylor Jewell/Lela Rose)

Modern Millenial Brides

Millennials are changing everything we know about fashion. Social norms are in flux and fashion has shifted from being an exclusive thing that molded everyone into the same look, to the current state of fashion “ inclusivity” that makes fashion for everyone with every body type and for every style. And that is starting to be seen in the traditional looks for weddings now too.

Norms these days are no longer the “norms.” People are trading big city lives for more simple living, jobs are more remote than in the traditional office place, and people are putting more value into experiences than material things. Not to mention the rise of avocado toast. But this shift in norms can be seen in the marriage too.

People are waiting longer to get married and many weddings have shifted from taking out a second mortgage on the home to more simple and intimate ceremonies. Along the same lines, wedding fashion has also changed.

Gone are the days of the elaborate white dress with oversized sleeves and crystal insets. Today, wedding dresses come in many styles and fashions. From the classic simple white dress to a white pantsuit, people are taking a more fun and relaxed style when they walk down the aisle.

And the same goes for the traditional hideous bridesmaid dresses. From suits to shorts to black-and-white tuxedos, the sky is really the limit for dressing the wedding party, and we personally welcome the fun and stylish change.