(Photo Source: linkedin.com)

Nimble Made solved a big problem in men’s fashion

When faced with a shortcoming or a problem in a market, you have two choices. You can either adapt what is currently available to fill that need or you can create a custom solution to solve your problem. And that’s exactly what Nimble Made’s founders, Tanya Zhang and Wesley Kang did.

After years in the finance industry, Wesley felt the frustration of having to wear a suit but never being quite comfortable or having the suit wear as it should. Tanya Zhang felt the need after her father, who migrated from Asia, could not find American clothing that fit. In March of 2018, investing their last $5,000, Nimble Made was founded and would ignite a change for inclusivity for Asian Americans and alike.

Asian Americans and other non-westerners have struggled for years to find clothing that fits. Western brands just don’t offer clothing that is tailored for the slim figures of many Asian Americans. Enter Tanya Zhang and Wesley Kang.

These two Asian American entrepreneurs started a manufacturing company that is both ethical and sustainable to fill the gap in the fashion industry that has excluded many of the non-western peoples in their sizing.