It’s hump day, and that can be a good thing, or a daunting thing….but never fear, Refinery29 is here to bring you all of your weekly beauty needs! In this awesome video roundup, we get to see one of our favorite beauty experts, Mi-Anne, talk about her night-time routine in her quirky and funny way. We also get to hear from a couple of ladies who are actually going to let their dads style their hair! To cap it off, we get a boost of confidence from Amy Schumer. What more could you want?

One of the funnier videos from this beauty roundup entails two dads style their daughters’ hair! Would you let your dad do your hair? Ellyn Puleio and Allie Short decided to let their dads do their hair for two whole days. The first day, their dads had to try and style their daughters’ hair the same way the girls style it. Then, the second day, the dads have to try and improvise, doing their daughters’ hair in their own way. Ellyn was really excited for the experience because she believes, “it’s going to create some really funny memories.”

Watch the video to see how the dads end up doing with their daughters’ hair! Also, if you are an Amy Schumer fan, she talks about confidence and how to find it during and interview for her new film,”I Feel Pretty.” Whether you need a boost in your beauty routine, or just want a good laugh, this video roundup has something for everyone!