With Los Angeles California being one of the most fashionable places in America, a big part of that is fur. From those winter coats to those boots with the fur, most L.A. fashionistas love there fur! Los Angeles wants to set an example though, not only for America but for the whole world.

But at one of the most recent meetings, Los Angeles City Council is moving to ban sales of animal fur. It all started on Tuesday, when the city Council of Los Angeles voted 12-0, banning the sales of fur within Los Angeles cities limits.

With so many vegan lifestyles in the area, there are lots of protests and marches. If the ban does take place, Los Angeles would be the biggest U.S. city to not sell fur. San Francisco and West Hollywood have also opted for the no fur ordinances in an effort to help save animals.

If the city council has one more voting, then the fur-free ban won’t start until two years after it is approved. If Los Angeles does decide to move forward with the ban of fur sales, it will definitely make history and/or end the harsh barbaric fur industry for good!