The Miss Universe beauty pageant which was founded in 1952 is one of the biggest in the world and we all know that. However, in their bid to make the competition all-encompassing or so I feel, they nullified the rule which says that “only naturally born genetic females may apply for the competition.” This means that this year they accepted transgender females.

The 2018 Miss Universe has set the standard for all other beauty pageants in the world. Just last year, I read the story of a transgender woman who was disqualified from the pageant because according to them she wasn’t “a natural woman.”

The world is not only becoming accommodating but we are now getting so much inclined with logical thoughts and simple ideas. Our perceptions are changing daily for the better.

A pageant is a large avenue to reach the women, men, transgender, and everyone in the world. Even though people are now considering pageantry as something outdated and they don’t still understand why people get judged against each other, the massive milestone movement for the transgender female has been able to break the years of discrimination.

Miss Spain (Angela Ponce) won the pageant for her country before representing her in the 2018 Miss World. Miss Spain didn’t reach the top 20 in the Miss Universe pageant. However, she was able to make that serious statement for the transgender females.

There should not be any discrimination between the females and the transgender females, as transgender women are women skin-deep. Angela was able to send a message out there even before the finals and during the finals. She was also able to send a message to Trump and many other world leaders.