If you’ve been on Instagram or Twitter as of late, you probably have found yourself scrolling down the #eyebrowsonfleek hashtag. Girls from all over are either embracing their bushy eyebrows or making their eyebrows bolder and we’re all about it. Eyebrows make you look younger and help frame your face so long as you follow your own brow shape so this is one trend we all can benefit from.
If you want to make your eyebrows fuller, here are a few tips that will give you bragging rights on Insta.
Use taupe colors. Most hair colors are naturally cool (with the exception of red) and the same happens with your eyebrows. Steer clear of colors that have red or copper undertones as it will look incredibly unnatural—unless that’s the look you’re going for. Go for cool taupe colors that are one shade lighter than your hair color for the most natural look.
Powder looks more natural. While pencils are the easiest drawing tool to use, they can also look incredibly unnatural because of the condensed color and wax. Opt for using a powder instead to draw hairs where you need them instead of drawing a shape with a pencil. It’ll look more believable and won’t look shiny like a pencil would.
Use eyebrow mascara. For the brow hairs you do have, use an eyebrow mascara to make them look bolder. Brow hairs naturally thin towards the end so mascara will make them look even. Also, brush up an out to make them look even bushier.