Lavender the flower has been long loved for its soothing and calming properties and now lavender the color is gaining some popularity as well. Of all the pastel colors lavender is our favorite because it’s mellow, chic, sophisticated, youthful and fresh. Adding lavender to any outfit is a super simple way to breathe a little life back into your look. Celebrities like Jessica Alba and Mila Kunis have proved that lavender is a red carpet worthy color; both ladies wore lavender gowns during this year’s award season and earned rave reviews for their bold color choice. Another impressive thing about lavender is that it can be worn in the form of clothing, make-up, nail polish, hair color or accessories; there isn’t any facet of style that lavender has not permeated.

For a super simple way to work lavender into your look we suggest pairing your little black dress with a light, bright and chic pair of lavender kitten heels.  The lavender heels provide just enough color to take your go-to little black dress to new fashion heights.  If you want to wear lavender in larger quantities than we suggest investing in a lavender maxi skirt, you can pair it with a simple black t-shirt for a casual daytime look or you could opt to pair it with a sexy tank top for a date night ensemble.

Try The Trend Tips

Lavender is a color that can brighten your wardrobe and even help you stay calm throughout the day, below you’ll find a few tips that will help you stay looking chic in lavender.

If you’re really feeling daring you could opt for a lavender hair-do, Kelly Osborne has rather famously sported a lovely lavender hair-do throughout this year and we have really grown to love this look.

Lavender is a great color to use for the trendy color blocking technique, think about pairing it with other pastel hues during spring time, colors like pink, teal or peach would look great when paired with lavender.