A former NASA engineer figured out a way to seal air bubbles in the soles of sneakers, creating an amazing new comfortable way of walking. With the competition being so big, like he needed to do something that would bring them to be number one.

Hatfield was sent to Paris in order to find inspiration for a sneaker. Somewhere that struck his eye was the Pompidou Centre, a building known for the inside-out radical design.

He decided to take the inspiration he found from the building and put it into the shoe. He wanted to make the air cushioned style visible on the outside of the shoe… but Nike thought that the air bubble would make their brand look not so tough.

But when it launch… the Nike air max ones were a huge success once it was released in 1987! The shoes sold for around $75 but now but now a days they cost double.

Hatfield made a big impact on Nike, and now he’s one of the biggest designers in the world even creating the laceless sneakers. More fashionable than ever and also innovative, Nike Air Max 1 sneakers are a great choice if you are looking for comfortable fashion.