One of the most versatile products you will ever have is a white eye liner. When you line your waterline with white it tricks everyone around you into thinking that you’ve slept 8 hours when in reality you probably binge-watched Orange is the New Black on netflicks (we’re not judging). It gives your eyes light and overall brightens your face but did you know that it has a lot more uses than just for eyes?


Here are a few new ways to use your white eyeliner:

1. In the inner corner of your eyes. It attracts light to your eyes if you’re not a fan of liner on your waterline. It also makes the reds in your eyes look less visible.

2. On your cupid’s bow. Adding a little bit of white eyeliner on your cupid’s bow makes your pout look a little fuller because it gives a more 3D effect.

3. Concealer. Although we don’t know anyone who’s color is exactly plain white, the eyeliner helps diminish redness so dab it on the pot and then follow with your regular concealer.

The best thing about white eyeliner is that it’s super affordable and from NYX to NARS there’s one out there for every budget.

These are our tips to get more uses out of your white eyeliner but for additional uses, check out the video.