(Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Prada is the next luxury designer to not use animal products

In 1913, fashion changed forever when Prada was launched. Created by Mario Prada, this designer label has long been known for its leather handbags, travel accessories, shoes, clothes, perfumes, and more. And with a focus on luxury fabrics, they have used animal products like fur for decades.

Recently it was announced that Prada would be joining a large group of luxury fashion labels who refuse to take advantage of animals. Labels like Burberry, Coach, Michael Kors, and many others gave up fur in the past, joining a group known as the Fur Free Alliance. This group works closely with humane societies and animal rights organizations to promote using materials other than those of animals.

The brands above have focused on luxury since the beginning, and fur used to be a part of that package. However, the labels have now decided to look at their luxury pieces differently, getting more creative with the materials they use to continue to achieve the high-end quality they are known for. While they will be fur-free by 2020, they will continue to use the fur items they have already created.