When it comes to acne, almost every woman has a story to tell. So many reasons have been attached to its cause: age, stress or hormones. Most times, women are in the race to finding the everlasting solution or remedy to this problem either by finding a face product that works or a face foundation that covers it up.

Lately, beauty company Glossier which has a reputation for making products that dreams are made of, just released a Zit Stick which is said to make your acne go away with just three applications. According to the beauty company’s website, when applied it should “look transparent and not opaque.”

Glossier wants this product to be accessible to every girl at any time as it could be dropped in your bag when you do your daily activities without causing any discomfort. The zit stick is made of benzoyl peroxide which kills off the germs that cause acne with somen, tea tree oil, and capryloyl salicylic acid.

83% of the users said within 2-3 hours of application there was a reduction in the size of their pimples, 6 hours after a pimple had gone down with little pain and redness while in 24 hours the pimples were healed without dry spots. It is also affordable at a price of $14.