(Photo Source: sneakernews.com)

The collection is set to drop just in time for the holidays

Following the trend of luxury brands collaborating with popular street style staples, Prada and Adidas have joined forces to create a special holiday collection for sneakerheads and Italian leather connoisseurs.

The capsule collection, titled Prada for Adidas, will feature two luxury-made sneakers called the “Adidas Prada Sailing” available in two different colorway variations. Rumors seem to be surfacing that one will be a white and metallic option and the other will be red, but neither brand has put any truth to these rumors.

Making its grand announcement, Prada posted on its website and social channels a photo of a large Prada shopping bag filled with two different Adidas sneakers boxes, representative of the two pairs the brands will be creating together. Pricing, imaging, and availability should be coming soon. We have full confidence that the items will be nothing short of spectacular and have already slotted them high on our Christmas list.