Rihanna Becomes Spokesmodel For Curvy Fashion

Curves are all the rage these days. The slim and petite look has all but gone by the wayside and thick and curvy is now the look to have. So much so that clothing lines are being created to accentuate and enhance the curvy shapes.

These days even Rihanna is sporting curves. Robyn Rihanna Fenty, artist and now businesswoman, has gone through many different looks since her singing debut in 2005. She believes that her latest image these days is the inspiration behind her new clothing line.

Fenty is a high fashion collaboration with Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton and is designed for thick and curvy girls. Rihanna uses herself as a muse when designing her clothing line and it’s this passion that sets her new line apart from the rest.

(Photo Credit: Chesnot/2018 Chesnot)

Her latest look, however, is more of a transition than a fashion statement. Rihanna has reported that she is more focused than ever. She no longer stays out partying but rather puts her efforts and energy into her work. The same energy and passion that made her a chart-topping success as a musical artist, is now being directed towards her latest fashion project, Fenty.

To hear more about Rihanna’s thick and curvy look and her new clothing line, click the link above.