Dark spot on the skin is also known as hyperpigmentation, solar lentigines, age spots, or liver spots depending on their cause. This can happen at any time, but most often appear in middle age. It is attributed to the consequence of past sun exposure or artificial UV light used in tanning beds.

It is also associated with certain skin conditions. It is generally harmless and it can be removed. Acne scars and hormonal imbalance are also said to be the causes of dark spot. Fortunately, there are some home remedies that effectively fade or remove dark spots.

Using Vitamin E
Vitamin E is a dermatologist favorite. It is an antioxidant that targets free radicals that are responsible for ageing and discoloration. Apply a few drops of vitamin E oil directly on the dark sports and rub it into your skin with clean fingers daily before going to sleep.


potato is a storehouse of numerous minerals that work together to provide many skincare benefits. slice the potato into thin slice, apply a tiny bit of water to the potato slices and leave it for 10 minutes.

Aloe Vera
This plant is said to have an anti-aging nourishing properties and an excellent moisturizer. Slice the outer layer of the aloe vera leaf, squeeze the gel unto your fingers, apply directly to your dark spots and leave for 20 minutes.

Lemon Juice
The lemon juice is acidic in nature and acts as a bleaching cream to help reduce discoloration. Use a cotton ball to apply the juice onto your dark spots twice a day.

By the way, having known the remedies of dark spot, you can as well stay from tanning beds to prevent the occurrence of dark spot.