Rihanna was on the March cover of Vogue magazine and with it she shared a few of her beauty tips. She’s known for her amazing street style combining high fashion and urban in a way that she can only get away with. Not only does she have amazing style but also carries herself with confidence making whatever she’s wearing look that much better. To find out how Rihanna always looks so stylish, check out what she told Vogue on their March issue.


Rihanna is infamously known for always having a new hair style and color but she tells Vogue that her miraculous hair change is due to weaves. One day she has long hair and another she has a bob so weaves are a girl’s best friend when she’s bored with her current hair style.

Heels can be painful but you’ll almost never catch Rihanna without them on. She’s tall enough to be a model (5’8) and doesn’t need to wear them but she committs to her heals no matter how much they hurt.

So who does Rihanna go to for style inspiration? Her own personal style is so ecclectic but she says she looks to our stylish friends in the Middle East. Time to check out some Middle East hashtags on Instagram.

There’s no doubt that Rihanna is one of today’s most influential trend setters and is a big connoisseur of high fashion and street style so following a few her tips will guaurantee to make you a trend setter as well.