The future of fashion is crucial and while some are expectant about the future of fashion, others are already shaping it. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scene and here are six women who are really shaping the future of fashion.

Gabrielle Richardson is a lover of art and she uses social media to express her style. Her black identity as served as a huge inspiration to other black women. She has found a way to give voice to several black women, only at the age of 23. She is tagged “The Fashion Community Organizer.”

Socially conscious influencer Vanessa Hong is definitely shaping the future of sustainable fashion. What inspired Hong basically is the fact that she was Haute Pursuit in awe at how much textile waste the average American produces.

This was an awaking for Vanessa Hong and she has a blog called The Haute Pursuit. She chose not to ignore the decadence in the industry and has been using her blog to reach out to her already wide audience amount sustainability. She is a candid believer of passing knowledge and this is what she has been doing.

Nadia Aboulhosn is 29-years-old is the size nonconformist. She as used her supposed plus-size to her advantage as she regards herself as normal and is making waves in the industry. After so many rejections, she still remained resilient and she found a modeling agency that would represent her. She has contributed to the industry via modeling, blogging, and designing. She launched her own collection which encompasses designs and dresses for almost all sizes.

The next ones on our list are Leomie Anderson and Sinead Burke respectively. Sinead Burke is 3’5″ and she felt invisible in the industry for her height, this was her motivation. The super runway disrupter, Leyna Bloom, is a creative mind and has a wide influence in the industry.

Cheers to these women who are making an impact and shaping the future of fashion.