(Photo Credit: Fenty)

Legally Blind Womans Sue Fenty For Technological Issues With Website

Rihanna is made big strides when it comes to inclusivity in fashion. In fact, she is known as one of the pioneers of inclusivity and has her label, Fenty Beauty, is one of the most widely available lines catering to just about everyone. But recently, her fashion line is making news for leaving out at least one demographic.

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty is arguably one of the most inclusive brands of its time. Her makeup line has more than 40 shades allowing for a shade to match almost every skin tone. She has makeup to match your face shape and lipstick to accentuate your look in all the right ways, no matter your complexion or style. But Beatriz Guitierrez is still feeling left out.

Beatriz Gutierrez is suing Fenty Beauty because she claims that her website is not accessible to the handicapped. Beatriz, who is legally blind, claims that the site does not use screen ready technology to accommodate the visually impaired.

These accommodations aren’t just a courtesy, they are an industry standard to allow for equal access to the handicapped and visually impaired. Ms. Guitierrez is suing Rihanna and Fenty Beauty to change the site to be handicapped accessible as well as $15,000 in damages.