It’s almost Halloween so we’ve gotta talk about cool, spooky, skulls! Skulls are always in fashion one way or another and this season we have been prevé to the softer side of this trend. Sweet, happy and even romantic skull adored item are super trendy right now, from floral skull t-shirts to pastel skull statement necklaces we are loving the latest craze when it comes to wearing skulls.

So this season when you want to rock an edgy skull in a ladylike look no further than the sweet skulls trend. You could opt for something simple like the chic Alexander McQueen skull printed scarf, or even just a pair of rose gold skull earrings. It not hard to work sweet skull into your wardrobe and we highly suggest you try out some of our favorite ways to rock this look.

Floral Skulls
Skulls made of or adorned with flowers are the perfect way to showcase the more delicate side of this trend. Plus item like this provide a fantastic blend of hippie-esque and rocker chic that we just love. Pair a blousy floral skull printed shirt with cute scalloped shorts and ankle strap heels for a punk meets princess look.

Pastel Skulls
Pretty pastel skulls are perfect for trying out a sweet skull accessory. Look for skull charm bracelets or even pastel laser cut out skull clutches. In shade of peach, mint and lavender who wouldn’t love these bright little skull addition to their ensembles.

Happy Skulls
Believe it or not we’ve notice that skulls are getting somewhat of a facelift this season, well more of a smile lift actually. Happy skulls prints are making waves are we are supper happy to see these little guys smile. Look for bow pumps with smiling little skull embellishments or lightweight summer scarves with the smiling bony faces. If you’re in the mood to try out this trend in micro go for a skull manicure featuring adorable happy little skulls on your nails.