(Photo: YSL)

The fashion house Yves Saint Laurent just acquires thousands of vintage YSL pieces from 1966-1983 from collector Olivier Châtenet. The acquired wardrobe will be added to the YSL archive in the Paris headquarters and the creative director of the fashion house, Anthony Vaccarello, is celebrating the preservation of the heritage of YSL.

Vaccarello hinted that they might be using this acquired archive collection to inspire upcoming collections. The acquisition features pieces including haute couture outfits, coats, scarves, dresses, jewelry, suits, shoes, bags, knitwear, and blouses. The collection also features a beaded dress from the African-inspired spring 1967 collection that was formerly owned by the Duchess of Windsor.

This cost of acquiring these pieces is being kept under wraps but the collection will join the massive million-dollar archive featuring 5,000 pieces of clothing with 15,000 accessories and thousands of sketches. The seller of the collection, Olivier Châtenet, worked on building his collection over the last 30 years to create fashion exhibitions featured in museums around the world.