Shaq Helps Kid With A Pair Of Sneakers

Many people know Shaquille O’Neal as a hall of fame center who has won four NBA championships. The popular NBA All-Star has played for many teams but most notably for the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers. But there is more to the Shaq than just his NBA prowess.

Shaquille O’Neal has once again made the news across the country. This time, he’s topping headlines for his kindness and charity. At over seven feet tall and weighing in at three-hundred and twenty-five pounds, it’s not surprising that Shaq had difficulty shopping for clothes and shoes as a kid. And with his size twenty-two shoes, not much has changed.

So when Shaq heard that thirteen-year-old Zach Keith, with his size eighteen feet, couldn’t afford new shoes, he couldn’t help but Sympathize. Shaq took Zach to Friedman’s, a shoe store in Atlanta, Georgia where the Owner, Bruce Teilhaber, helped Shaq years ago as a teenager find shoes.

In fact, Bruce Teilhaber gave Shaq a free pair of dress shoes so he could attend prom. Shaq, returning the favor, bought Zach ten new pairs of shoes, including a pair of dress shoes which his mother said he hadn’t had in over four years because they could never find any in his size.

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