(Photo Credit: Mario Testino/Vogue)

Getting kids to take parents advice is nearly impossible, even for celebrities

Sienna Miller is no stranger to being a leading lady when it comes to her fame. Whether it’s winning Golden Globes for her acting, holding a fashion career that spans brands like Vogue and Coca-Cola, or participating in a variety of charitable positions, Sienna seems to find a way to be the star of the show. And much of her career is thanks to her beauty and style, which has been compared to that of famous model Kate Moss.

So when we heard Sienna’s daughter had reached the point where she only wants to dress herself, it was no surprise. While it’s easy to assume her daughter would want to dress just like her mom, it wasn’t hard to believe that Sienna’s daughter has her own unique sense of style.

From what Sienna has said, she has even tried to dress her mom in “belly shirts.” Unfortunately for Sienna, she gets to have no involvement whatsoever if her daughter has anything to say about it.