If you’ve been on Instagram the last couple of months, it’s hard not to see something related to Kylie Jenner’s lips; whether it’s making fun of them (the most popular) or learning how to mimic them with makeup, they’re everywhere. There was such a big obsession that teenage girls everywhere tried the DIY version “#kyliejennerchallenge” where they’d plump their lips by sucking them in into a shot glass, or any type of small cup, and have bigger looking lips.

Sounds disturbing, right? Well, it definitely is especially because girls (and guys!) were doing some serious damage to their lips like swelling and bruising. And lets not forget to mention the discriminotory reasons that come with such a “trend” as many African Americans (or people of African descent) in the past, and even present day, have been targeted for having bigger lips.

The challenge came to a halt after Kylie, who told everyone she just “overdrew” her lips, confessed on Keeping up with the Kardashians that her pout was the result of some lip injections.

Now that we all know the truth, a new lip challenge has emerged and we’re seriously all about it: the #nokyliejennerchallenge. The “challenge” consists of taking a selfie with your natural lips—that’s it! It’s all about embracing what your natural lips look like whether they’re on the thinner side or full out plump.

Don't forget, these are the features they tried to teach you to hate. #kyliejennerchallenge

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Obligatory obnoxious duck face because #NoKylieJennerChallenge

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Accepting that we all come in different shapes and sizes is something everyone can get behind and we think this is one social media challenge that you’ll want to try out.
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