The skull-inspired makeup looks which are mostly used during Halloween provides that shocking but beautiful look. There are several kinds of skull inspired makeup looks but one popular one is the sugar skull makeup which is used to celebrate the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos).

Like all skull-inspired makeup looks, it allows you to try something new, you’ll get creative with all the designs and apply that spooky look. You might even add bright colorful flowers with lots of petals across the forehead when you want to work on the flower design.

You can also go punk buy adding this element of a cool steampunk sugar skull. You provide yourself with that robotic element, knobs, dials, and even other gears that are painted on your cheeks.

The dusty cobwebs is also something that looks very dazzling and beautiful if you can do it the right way. You’ll make some dark black cobwebs and then you dust them with that glitter so you can have that forgotten skeleton look. Don’t forget to add some creepy crawlies and place a spider ring here deem it fit.

Furthermore, the skull-inspired look also allows you to go natural with your skin color also. You can choose one main color (most common is pink, black, or white) which has that perfect blend with your skin color to form the base of the make-up.

Then you can add whatever you choose above. The half-faced skull is also a beautiful design which exposes the symmetrical gorgeousness of your face. That half face beauty is always cool and completely dazzling. When you are working on a sugar skull design you can do something similar to Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde but you have to add a pretty edgy touch to it.

If you don’t want to wait for Halloween to rock this look, it’s another great option for your next concert or festival. To bring out your inner beauty inspiration check out the video above for some tips and tricks that are sure to be a treat.