There’s definitely been crazy and unbelievable beauty and makeup trends, but this one just seems downright weird and unique. When you think of the fall, you probably think of the color orange because of pumpkins, leaves, and Halloween. What about orange blush? They say it takes a certain person to pull off orange and we give the guide on how to rock this new beauty trend.

This season bold blush is officially back on trend, which means this fall will have a brighter array of colors than ever. It’s the season of orange, but it’s been taken to the face! Though orange is a great shade because it goes with most skin tones, it definitely takes a certain attitude and brave soul to pull it off!

The great thing about this new trend is that you can turn to your go-to makeup brand and they’re sure to offer an orange blush. Orange definitely isn’t for everyone especially when it comes to makeup… but if you’re all about being unique, try giving it a go!

So, should orange blush be worn every day or should it be saved strictly for Halloween beauty? Talk about a trend!