Tying a long-sleeved flannel shirt around your waist seems like a pretty easy thing to do and pretty straightforward, especially when you just want to get it out the way. You wrap and tie and you’re down, right? Well, sort of. Sometimes when you wrap the shirt around you end up looking a lot wider and uneven in the back and that’s not a pretty look.

If you want to wrap your flannel shirt around your waist in the most flattering way possible, try out this easy tutorial.
flannelStep 1: Make sure the flannel is completely unbuttoned before you put it around your waist. When the shirt is buttoned, it’ll make your back area look bulky.
Step 2: Once you have the shirt behind you, fold the collar down twice. It doesn’t have to be perfect since you still want it to look effortless.
Step 3: To tie the sleeves, tie how you normally would but remember which sleeve went over first so when you tie it the second time the other sleeve goes first. By doing this you’ll get even hanging sleeves.
Step 4: Adjust the shirt higher or lower to flatter your figure best.
To see how it’s done, check out the video!
(Images: chicagostreetstyle.com)