Whether we want to admit it or not, the truth is we’re all not built like models. This is especially true when you go shopping for a maxi dress or skirt and it just kind of ends at an awkward part of your calves. It doesn’t look very flattering and makes you look shorter than your probably are. But if you really want that long skirt or dress, a quick call to a tailor will do the trick.

LongDressWhile you could have it fixed, you can also do a cool trick on the skirt to shorten it slightly: a little tie on the inside. Before going to your nearest tailor, try out this trick on your long dress or skirt and see how you like it.
Step 1: Decide where you want your knot to be. Front, back, or sides; they all look great.
Step 2: Once you’ve decide where you want it tied, gather the excess of dress and create a knot on the inside.
Step 3: Look at the knot in mirror and fix accordingly.
This is a great way not only to make your dress look a bit shorter but it also gives it a mermaid effect. It works best on thinner material as it’s easier to tie and can be easily ironed out once you take out the knot.
You can watch a video on how it’s done by checking out the playlist above!
(Cover image: stockholm-streetstyle.com)