(Photo Source: YouTube/Bollywood Spy)

Bollywood Star Starts Own Lingerie Line

It’s official: Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has launched a brand new lingerie brand called ‘Infamous By Starstruck.”

Most well known for her previous work as a pornstar, Sunny recently crossed over from the adult film world into the world of more traditional acting, and while she has been at it, she has also taken the time to launch what she describes as an innerwear brand for “all kinds of women all over the world.”

While she has recently made steps into the beauty and cosmetics industry, Sunny’s newest launch has allowed her to enter the $262 billion global licensing and merchandising industry. Her launching event for Infamous was held in Mumbai at the Bombay Convention and Exhibition Center. It includes mainly lingerie and loungewear, though you also have the option to purchase a small variety of accessories.

We look forward to seeing what Sunny does with her brand and whether or not she continues to grow her newest ventures into the fashion and cosmetics world. Known by some as a “serial entrepreneur,” we are curious to see what the success of the brand looks like.

For more information on Sunny Leone’s newest lingerie line or to check out a glimpse of it yourself, take a look at the video above.