Gwyneth Paltrow has a pretty extensive daily skincare routine that she follows religiously every day.

Understandably, most of her products are from her own brand, Goop. The 45-year-old actress and entrepreneur believes that taking care of one’s skin is super important, which explains her step-by-step regimen.

Curious? Take a look at Gwyneth Paltrow’s daily skincare routine!

Step #1: Dry Brush
Before she starts her daily skincare regimen, Paltrow first does her dry brushing routine. “It does the job of exfoliation and improving circulation,” she shares. Afterwards, she uses the salt scrub from her own line to polish and buff her skin, as well as to hydrate it at the same time.
Step #2: Exfoliator
Exfoliators are generally recommended to be used for just a couple of times per week, but Paltrow uses her acid-based Exfoliating Instant Facial every single night. She says, “This is, to me, is like a professional facial in a jar.” The actress uses it on her face and leaves it on for a few minutes before washing her face with warm water and exfoliating with a soft cotton cloth.

Step #3: Serum
After patting her face dry, Paltrow then reaches for her oil-based serum. She’s using Vitner’s Daughter, a serum that’s perfect for dry-skinned people like her. If you tend to have dry skin as well, you may want to look into serums that are oil-based rather than just water-based.
Step #4: Eye Cream
Eye cream is a huge step in every skincare routine, but it gets overlooked all the time. Thankfully, Paltrow is fully aware of the benefits of taking care of your eye area. She uses a product from Dr. Barbara Sturn, making sure to pile up more during the wintertime or drier weather.
Step #5: Lip Balm
Last but definitely not the least, Paltrow doesn’t ignore her lips. Before she goes to bed at night, she first uses a lip balm from Love + Sage, a New York-based brand.