In 2018 we experienced quite a lot of people dressing beyond their ages and going for looks that did not only fit them but was also beyond their ages. One of the cases of over-dressing and an inappropriate age look is the case with North West.

Kim Kardashian posted a picture of her family and captioned it “Merry Christmas.” Taking a closer look at the picture, one would see that the young lad was rocking red lipstick.

This look has been regarded as inappropriate for the young girl who is only five years old. However, Kim Kardashian in her defense said that North West selected that shade of lipstick by herself and went on to further reveal that she would be launching that shade to her beauty line which is the KKW beauty line.

In terms of makeup, here is some age appropriate beauty looks for the coming year. There are some makeup and beauty tips to start in 2019.

For teenage girls, we are so sure they will like to go all out with makeup but the truth is that keeping it simple and chic is relatively the best beauty idea. The major reason is that they are still young hence their skin is still fresh and do not need so much makeup rather they just keep a touch of makeup to brighten their faces.

For the middle-aged women and by middle age (I mean from ages 25 to 40), they can play with colors on their faces. This is because their faces are more mature hence colors will have a better fit on their faces.

For women above forty years then it is advisable to also keep is simple yet chic. This is because they have experienced the middle age-worthy makeup hence what they need to do is to relax their faces hence subtle makeup.