The little black dress, or LBD for short, is a must in every girl’s closet and one of the most classic and versatile pieces you will ever own. It can be worn at any time of the day and to almost any event so taking it from day to night is incredibly easy if you switch out some key pieces.

Want to take that LBD from day to night in a cinch? Try these tips.

Daytime LBD:


Leather jacket. If you wear the little black dress on its own, it may look a bit too done. Throw on a leather jacket to give it more of an edge. A denim jacket will give the same effect so either one is fine.

Makeup. Daytime makeup shouldn’t be heavy to begin with so stick to flawless skin that glows for a healthy complexion. The LBD is usually accompanied at night by a bold red lip but for daytime, a well moisturized pout will do. Curl those eyelashes and give them some length for more awake eyes.

Shoes. Your choice in shoes will define whether you are wearing a day or night LBD look so for daytime, pick flat shoes like Birkenstocks or some slip on sneakers. The more casual the shoes, the better they will be suited for a laid back LBD look so choose comfort first.

Nighttime LBD:

Accessories. You’d be surprised on how much a statement piece or a few pieces of jewelry can really take your LBD to the next level. A few gold bangles or even a watch paired with a thin necklace is perfect for a sophisticated look. If you’re not big into jewelry, a clutch with a little sparkle or some stones will also do the trick.

Makeup. The classic way to go is with a red lip but if you’re one to follow beauty trends, a bright orange or coral is super in right now. Bright lips need minimal makeup so make your face look flawless with your favorite foundation and dab minimal blush on your cheeks for a complete look.

Shoes. For daytime it’s all about comfort but for night time, bring out your highest heels. A good black or nude heel is perfect for an LDB and will complete your night time look.

(Image: Stockholm Streetstyle)