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Start buying smart, trends are so 2019

The designers agreed on one thing: trends are out, wearability is in. Well, that’s an overstatement, since we are here to report some of the most significant trendy moments for spring and summer 2020. But let’s say that the main focus is on keeping things simple and chic.

We are entering a more personal phase in fashion. Chanel already has a store with a higher personal shopping experience, far beyond anything we ever imagined. Things are going back to basics, and it has everything to do with eco-fashion and sustainability. We are in a place where technology and fashion work together on making us more stylish.

It comes as no surprise that the minimalism and clean lines of the 90s inspire one of the leading trends. Even in the color palette, monochromatic tones dominate, so keeping it simple while adding personal touches will make you a style star.

Naturally, we want to see some prints in our spring and summer wardrobes, and what’s better than a healthy dose of polka dots? Again, they are classic and classy, girly, but not childish. You can add colors in your polka-dotted favorites, from classic blue to mint and pink tones.

An ode to nature continues, but instead of being into earthy shades, we’re moving onto jungle-inspired prints. They will look amazing during summer days and nights, and to be honest, it’s much easier to find pieces that will flatter your skin tone. That’s not the case with currently trending animal prints.

Décolletage and statement collars will make any classic piece stand out. A square neckline top and a mid-2000s waistcoat are an instant hit. You can add a pair of flare jeans or pants, or go for shorts. Either way, you won’t have to spend too much, nor try too hard. Fashion trends are serving you, not the other way around.

We will continue to update you on the spring/summer 2020 fashion trends once the holiday season is over. In the meantime, shop mindfully, especially during sales. Put that on among your New Year’s resolutions: forget consumerism, buy what you need.