Mastering the art of contouring your nose is a lot easier than it seems if you’ve never tried it before. It’s a lot better than going under the knife since it can be done in three minutes tops so it’s definitely the better option. You also probably don’t need to buy a sculpting powder or cream because you most likely already have one and don’t know it.

ep5If you want to contour your nose but aren’t completely sure how, let us help. You’ll only need these three things:
Matte sculpting powder or cream (cool undertones, not orange)
A small blending brush
Now follow these simple steps:
Step 1: Start by picking up a small amount of your taupe sculpting product (can be found in a neutral eye shadow palette). Identify where your brow and nose bridge meet and apply the product on the side of the nose. If your nose is a bit wide, you can go lower on the side of the nose but be sure to diffuse it well with your blending brush.
Step 2: Repeat with the other side of the nose.
Step 3: Finish by applying a bit of highlighter on the bridge of the nose to make it appear taller.
And that’s it! You can watch a tutorial on how it’s done in the playlist above.
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