(Photo Credit: The Neon Demon)

Fashion Meets Gore

You may love horror movies, and you may love fashion movies, but did you know there is an entire genre of movies dedicated to movies about killer fashion?

It’s true!

Horror movies seem to cover a variety of topics, but the genre surrounding the fashion industry is a unique area all of its own. And while there are many famous killer fashion movies to choose from, we wanted to share seven of our favorites.

“Blood and Black Lace,” “The Sentinel,” “Bloody Pit of Horror,” “Delirium,” “Eyes of Laura Mars,” “Blowup,” and “The Neon Demon” are all a few of our top choices on this list. With plenty of blood, drama, and couture, these movies, both old and new, are our top recommendations if you’re looking for a great movie that checks the boxes of fashion, fear, and frenzy.

In addition to our top seven choices, we have an honorable mention for a new movie we can’t wait to see. The newest film about the evils of style is called “In Fabric,” and it “tells the bloody story of a department store in Southern England and the cursed red dress that fits perfectly on the women who have the misfortune of wearing it.”