The Infamous ‘Mean Girls’ Scene Explained

“Your hair looks sexy pushed back.” For 15 years, actor Jonathan Bennett (or should we say Aaron Samuels) has been approached with that line any time he meets a fan. And we would have to agree–his hair does look sexy pushed back.

We aren’t the only ones who agree. It was recently announced that CHI, the well-known hair care line, has taken notice of Bennett’s luscious locks. To celebrate the iconic film’s 15-year anniversary, CHI and Bennett partnered up to release a video showing how Jonathan achieves the hair people haven’t stopped quoting for almost two decades.

In the video, Jonathan explains exactly how he achieves his iconic look, stating simply, “Thanks, It’s CHI.” With dozens of CHI hair care product bottles in the background, Bennett pokes fun at his previous Mean Girls role–one he will be known for forever.

And the post does more than just show our Aaron Samuels and CHI working together. In addition to Bennett sharing his secret, he’s also participating in a giveaway with the brand worth $500. The winner will receive a $500 gift card to be used at CHI.

To check out the humorous partnership between Jonathan Bennett and CHI, take a look at the video above.