Comfort seems to be a big style inspiration these days. Everyone loves a good bralette, no matter what style or it’s a very famous staple piece that people can wear whether they are relaxing or going to a festival. You can even have comfort and support at the same time.

There are so many types that there is something for everyone. They are so versatile and truly look great with any type of outfit, and are way more comfy than the overrated bra! Here are the top voted most popular and cute bralettes, and the ways you can wear them!

First up, the good old fashion Calvin Klein bralette. Though there isn’t any padding, their super great for sporty girls and looks super cute paired with a graphic T-shirt. A good pair of denim and converse, and you’re good to go!

Next, a pair of overalls look great with a bralette, especially one with a bright color because it will give an extra pop to your outfit… and if you’re feeling brave you can add heels to the look! Bralettes with flowers and floral prints are especially huge. Pair it with some good old fashion white sneakers and a tracksuit for a super edgy look.

If you’re more on the girly side, try out a high neck lace bralette with a strapless dress or shirt. It will add a super chic and elegant look to your outfit. Did you know you can even wear a bralette as a swimsuit or on its own?

It also looks great if you choose a sweetheart bralette and add color coordinating denim. And lastly, a breezy tank top always looks great with a bralette. And he more lace peeking through the better, it gives a more complex, cute look to any outfit! No matter which bralette you prefer, you can have style and comfort at the same time.