Not only are skirts always chic and fashionable, but they never go out of style. Everyone has that go to skirt in their closet, but have you ever wondered the fashion evolution behind the skirt? From the 1920s till now, skirts have changed a lot… but the style is here to stay!

In the 1920s column plaid skirts were all the rage, throughout the whole decade. Pleats were also super fashionable, and we’re seen everywhere from evening-wear to sportswear.

In the 1930s, tea length skirts, which were the skirts that fell right above your ankle but we’re still below your knee. Most of the skirts made during the 1930s were simple colors like white, navy, black, and beige.

During World War II the US started to import more affordable clothing from places like Mexico, so peasant skirts that were bright in colors became trendy. Most of the schools during the 1940s were knee-length with an a-line style, featuring pretty embroidered designs.

Of course the 1950s were all about the poodle skirt. Most of the skirts during the 1950s were also very full, because they were worn with a petticoat underneath. The circular skirt had great movement, and were a symbol of fun!

The 1960s is when the skirt started to shorten in length. This time period is responsible for the mini-skirt for a bold statement with the most popular print being plaid. In the late 1960s the bohemian style of the hippie revolution birthed the fringe skirt, reviving the 1920s flapper style of fringe everything.

In the 1970s, longer bohemian style skirts were on trend, with denim and suede styles being all the rage!

During the 1980s, long pleated skirts we’re very popular, especially when it came to work attire. Acid-washed denim skirts were also super trendy!

And then in the 1990s… skirts with floral and patch designs that were light and flowy, we’re all the rage! People like Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, and even Tyra Banks often rocked the floral skirt trend.

Finally, the 2000s. Denim mini-skirts were on red carpets everywhere in the earlier years, and the more bedazzled and distressed your skirts were, the cooler they were! Skirts with wider waistbands and ruffles or also on trend in early 2000’s.

Nowadays, just about any skirt you can imagine is on trend!