Mila Kunis is one of Hollywood’s most beloved celebrities for her great acting and charming personality. But for the girls who love makeup, she’s known best for her signature smoky eye. She can be seen sporting a smoky eye at any time and it’s always appropriate no matter what time of the day and we’ve got a great tutorial that will help you recreate her signature look at home.


For the eye look only, you’ll need these makeup products:

1. Primer
2. Makeup palette with different shades of taupe colors (matte and shimmery)
3. Eyeliner
4. Mascara

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Apply a bit of primer all over the lid and under your eyes to prevent the color from moving. It’ll keep it place for longer as well.

Step 2. Take a light taupe brown color (or nude) and apply a light wash all over the lid without going past the crease.

Step 3. With a small fluffy brush, pick up a dark brown color and create a sideways “v” on the outer part of the eye and blend it towards the inside to create a smoky effect. Take another clean brush and blend the edges for a cleaner look.

Step 4. Take the same dark brown color and run it through the lower lash line with a smaller brush for a smokier effect.

Step 5. To add a pop of color, take a gold or champagne color and pop it on the center of the lids. This will give a shimmer to your lids every time you blink.

Step 6. For thicker looking lashes, add some liner to your top lashes and proceed with elongating mascara.
For a tutorial on Mila’s sultry smoky eye, watch the video!