Everyone remembers those plastic jelly shoes as kids, right? When it comes to nails, there are always new designs and trends to try out. Especially in 2018, there have been a lot of crazy and unique designs that people have been going wild for! Here is one of the best nail art trends right now that you should totally point to for you’re next manicure.

Jelly nails are super cool and almost glass looking! First, the red jelly nail. You might be thinking, jelly like for my sandwich…? But this is completely different! If you want to try these cool nails out, simply ask your nail artist for translucent acrylics, and then have them filled with a classic red polish. You can even try it at home if you are brave by diluting the color you are using with a top coat before applying the color.

If you aren’t a big fan of red nails, you can try pink, rainbow, or even color-blocking. If you want to go for a color block look, simply take a layer of polish and create a translucent tip over a solid shade for a more modern nail look. If you want to add some length, and some edge to your nails, try pointy tip jelly nails.

With so many different ways to wear the jelly nail, you can be sure to have everyone giving you compliments and be totally jelly!