Who doesn’t like the finer things in life? People love Gucci not only for their chic accessories but also their clothing. The newest Gucci swimsuit, a white one piece swimsuit with the classic Gucci logo made for a woman, may look super chic… but at $380 you can’t even wear in the water.

It definitely seems like something that doesn’t make sense, but the logo swimsuit can’t be worn in chlorine water due to the fabric. At least you can look like you want to swim in the Gucci suit right?

The swimsuit at it’s expensive price is definitely made for show, but if you are die-hard swimmer… then you may not want to get your hands on this piece. You could still get a tan, but you’ll have to sit back and watch the other swimmers enjoy the pool!

Though you can’t wear in the pool, you could also wear as a bodysuit or onesie. The swimsuit is modeled with a pair of jeans, and has a spaghetti strap style top. So you may wonder, can you wear the swimsuit in salt water?

The description says that the suit saves yourself from the escapades to the seaside, but no pool. Though you can wear the suit with any denim, skirts, or a high-rise ensemble of choice.

What do you think, would you wear this $380 Gucci swimsuit even if you can’t take it in the pool?