Logo mania is at an all-time high this season and it’s hard to look away. Big bold shirts that read “MOSCHINO” with an ironic quote that follows, the double “C’s” on a Chanel purse, and the capital “H” on an Hermes belt make it almost impossible to guess incorrectly that it’s designer. If you didn’t know certain designers before, you will now.

This trend is a bit particular in that it can be easily overdone or ruined depending on how busy the piece is or even the size. If you want to know how to get the logo mania trend right, follow these easy tips.

Stick to 1, maximum 2 logo pieces at a time. Because the logo tends to be bold, one usually is enough. The trend comes in mostly, but not limited to, tops and accessories although the former is the more popular than the latter. Shirts and jackets are bigger in size so that should be your main focal point when deciding what else to pair logoed piece with. If you want to add another logoed piece, an accessory is your best bet but make sure it doesn’t stand out more than the original focal point piece to keep the look balanced.

Less is more. Once you’ve picked out your logoed piece, keep the rest of the look on the minimalistic side in terms of patterns if your logoed piece is busy. It really depends on how busy the piece is so if you have a shirt that just reads “CELFIE”, you can work with more patterns and textures.

Have fun with it. This trend is meant to be a bit ironic but still fun and vibrant so stand out from the rest and wear daring pieces that aren’t in your usual comfort zone.

(Cover image: image: Phil Oh/Street Peeper)